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  • Introduction
    Wordpress Woo Subscriptions Plugin is an extended plugin version which allows you to easily grab / track complete record of your orders and that status anywhere online at the world wide web.

    Woo subscriptions allow you to fetch details and show order status and other information direct from your woo commerce store. With such advance plug-in possessing such outstanding features now you can fetch order information via api key and complete product details can be showed at your web page. Subscriptions status includes; Activated, Cancelled, expired, on hold, suspended, trial starts, trial ends, removed and much more.

    You can easily add triggers which most suitably representing your situation of woo commerce function

    1- Payment Scheduled 2- Subscription Activated 3- Subscription Cancelled 4- Subscription Expired 5- Subscription On hold (Suspended) 6- Subscription Trial Ends 7- Subscription Processed 8- Processed Subscription Payments For Order 9- Subscriptions Activated For Order 10- Subscriptions Cancelled For Order 11- Subscriptions Expired For Order 12- Scheduled Subscription Expiration 13- Woo Commerce Subscription Expiration 14- Woo Commerce Subscription Activated 15- Woo Commerce Subscription Deactivated 16- Woo Commerce Subscription Product Options Pricing 17- Subscriptions End Of Prepaid Term 18- Processed Subscription Payment Failure 19- Failed Subscriptions For Sign Ups For Orders 20- Subscriptions created for orders 21- Cleared users subscriptions from order 22- Woo Commerce subscriptions updated users role 23- Woo Commerce Renewal Order Payment Complete

    Non Subscriptions Features
    1- New order notification 2- Order status pending 3- Order status failed 4- Order status on hold 5- Order status processing 6- Order status completed 7- Order status refunded 8- Order status cancelled

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    All existing users are requested to upload the plugin files of each version manually using FTP and then Deactivate and Re-Activate the plugin to get the latest changes.

    Customers Support
    Our Customer Support Team Is Stand By To Respond All Of Your Queries Relating Plugins And Custom Development In Case You Need Any Help.

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  • Introduction
    WP Call And SMS Scheduler works seamlessly with Word-Press, WooCommerce and any decently coded wordpress theme. All you have to do is simply just place shortcode [sc_code] at your wordpress theme and this plugin can start working right from your web page. While configuring your account with this application you need 3 things.

    1- Twilio Account / Number 2- Twilio Account sid 3- Twilio Account token

    You can also add reminder sms text which can be forwarded during call also can customize short code easily with custom button image or even custom color text and can place anywhere. It’ll work same like a widget. That’s not just it you can even provide discount to customers or users who will provide coupon codes. For example: if a user represents a coupon code e.g kFkZNh then from it’s date of creation to it’s scheduling date he/she can avail discount on calls as well.

    Outstanding Features Of WP Call And SMS Scheduler
    – Outbound calling with customized messages during live call – Twilio gateway supported – With this advanced and most secure plugin you can now easily communicate anywhere in the world – Easy installation wizard – Well documented source code – There’s no need to worry about installation. Simply just add your API Key and it will start working – Feasibility to set call changes – Free & Paid Mode Enabled – Advance call statistics feature (Failed, waiting, called) – During Call SMS notification – Payment History – Discount coupon feature for discounting your valuable clients – Short code can be placed anywhere at your web page and this plugin will start working in just a matter of time. – Advance short code feature enabled to show call button or image of WP Call Scheduler anywhere at your web page – Cron file is scheduled on every 15 minutes which means you have got minimum delay time of 15 minutes – Verified Paypal payment method supported

  • Introduction
    Rank Sol WP IVR The WordPress Multi Level IVR Plugin comes with complete IVR solution to fulfill all your personal or commercial needs. Multi Level IVR is a fully integrated Plugin that allows its user to enhance customer support and product marketing to its best. The Plugin is compatible with all leading Internet browsers and allows the user to have complete benefit of the amazing features like IVR Assistance, Call Navigation and Menu Set Up, Call Forwarding, Call Recording and many other useful features. No matter if you are running a business big or small, the Plugin helps enhance your work-ability through its vast features and versatile multilingual as well as multi-accent text narration ability, regardless of your regional location. User can set up the IVR greetings in any language they want as Multi Level Plugin is completely customize-able and adaptable. Plugin allows the user to handle a large number of calls at the same time without being confused between any of them. Now you can provide every caller the individual attention they need and never miss out at any call through the amazing call forwarding and call recording setup, and keep a complete record about all the activities through detailed history reports.
    First time ever with two in one (Inbound And Outbound) functionality
    Word-press IVR Plugin Inbound & Outbound

    Rank Sol WP IVR

    WP IVR Plugin

    That’s not the end. It’s only the beginning…… Have a look at some more exciting features:
    Evident User Interface
    Fast and Reliable
    Compatible with All Browsers
    Easy Installation Method
    Easy to Set Up
    Multilingual Greetings Options
    Multi-Accent Greeting Options
    Multimedia Audio Greeting Options
    Compatible with MP3 Formatted Files
    Voice Recoding
    Call Recording
    Number Buying Setup
    Area Code Specific Number Buying Option
    Dynamic IVR Listing
    Drag and Drop Widget Addition
    Live Greetings Recording Option
    Sends SMS During the IVR Call
    Forwards E-Mail During the IVR Call
    Call Forwarding with Whisper Message
    Evident Menu Setup
    Automated Questioning and Poll Setup
    Call Hang Up Option
    One Click Audio Listing and Playing
    One Click Audio Recording and List generation
    Detailed History and Activities Reports.
    Twilio Gateway
    WooCommerce Order Information widget
    Outbound IVR
    Outbound IVR Scheduling
    Wordpress IVR Latest Flow Image 2

  • WP Woo SMS


    WP WOO SMS is a multi functional fully integrated word-press plug-in specifically designed for woo commerce customers to enhance your business and sales through marketing. Our plug-in has advance features like Mass WOO SMS Sending, campaign management and scheduling, Automatic-responder, Advance Woo Commerce statistics and much more. For those who are looking for a best marketing plugin for an online shopping store, Restaurant or a small business shop then this is a must buy plugin for everyone. Through this advance WP WOO SMS plugin you can edit, create promotional messages / unlimited campaigns and can send to any cell phone in the world with no limit. You can easily deliver your clients with computerized information, special deals, invoices, discount coupons in bulk and deliver all of your promotional updates in just a matter of time.

    Information Relating Product
    WP WOO SMS Uses Twilio Platform and in order to operate through this plugin you must have a Twilio Account

    Latest WP WOO SMS Features
    Woo Commerce Status Updation Enabled
    With this powerful and most advanced plug-in feature you don’t have to update every campaign and user details (manually).
    In this Woo Commerce status updating feature whenever campaigns status is updated. All users will have a quick notification at their mobile phones.
    Woo Commerce Scheduled Bulk SMS Sending Feature
    Many other plug-ins have bulk SMS sending features but in our most advanced WP-WOO SMS plugin you can send up-to many messages at any mobile phone network any time and can actually schedule specific date from WP-WOO SMS Admin Panel.
    You can send custom messages relating orders and campaigns to all Woo-Commerce users between any-date. (For-Example a user is subscribed in marketing campaign and he converted into a precious customer, later on your company revised marketing packages, meantime with this advance Woo-Commerce scheduled bulk SMS Sending feature you can send him text on his cell phone that our marketing packages are revised, subscribe at promotions and get 20% discount.
    You can create custom campaign message and can easily send to many customers you’d like to in specific or designated dates (which can be set from WP WOO SMS settings)