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We at Rento.pk are happy to provide professional Rental and high-class transportation services throughout Pakistan. We have mastered the art of customer support while offering low and most cost effective rates as compared with others. At Rento.pk we believe in convenient and quality transportation solutions that’s why we have created a fleet with a number of options for categories of any size to travel in style. We are also proud to chauffeur any array of events including conferences, weddings, academic / educational tours and much more.

Vision Of The CEO MR.Mehran Khan

While I was a student in the Netherlands I did find that the car rental business in Pakistan is very complicated and filled with so much hassles. Once a person books a rental car he never goes back to them again. People do not get security and always cheated in this business. It is a dirty business in simple words and there was no secure and reliable internet based company that was dealing with car rental business. Especially for a person living abroad they always faced so much difficulty renting out a car and people had to rely on their family and friends.

Rento.pk will be Pakistan's first fully organized and smart website "not informative" for car rentals. Which can be used for booking a rental car inluding accepting payments online. Customers can upgrade their cars, cancel their bookings and make changes etc all via this website. This will be safe, 100% secure and customers service will be the first priority. Operations will start from Islamabad but there are plans to expand to other major cities like Karachi and Lahore and Gwadar etc. It will provide top class cars in reasonible price to its customers and a service that they will never forget. This website will be used by its customers to book rental cars in Pakistan and they can use it while they are on a plane or using a smartphone.

Rento.pk remove all the hassle and provide a seamless experience to its customers. Indeed it is very challanging to enter such a market which has so much bad reputation but there is so much room to improve things. Therefore I created Rento.PK to fill this gap and bring pakistan car rental market up to a standard of international level. Digitlize this market and make sure Pakistans car rental market also goes up and becomes digital. Digital business is taking over in Pakistan and slowly all services will be done online therefore there is a need to bring all current practices online to become equal to the world competition level.

Why Choose Rento.Pk!

  • Professional & courteous drivers to get you around town
  • Customizable transportation fit for any occasion
  • Top safety rated & luxurious vehicles for a comfortable ride
  • Convenient reservation options including online & over the phone

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