15 SMS Marketing Rules You Need to Know

Many marketers have discovered the immense benefits of SMS marketing to build a business. In fact, the Mobile Marketing Association estimates that in the year 2011 there will be 8 trillion text messages sent. As the use of text messages increases, so will the trust level plummet. It is important therefore to send your messages in such manner that you do not get blacklisted by your clients. Here are some surprising rules…

1. Send messages only to those on you opt in list. Anything otherwise is spamming and can land you in trouble.

2. At the point of opt in, state clearly that by signing up they should expect ongoing marketing messages.

3. Have a privacy statement on all your opt-in forms. Tell subscribers that you value privacy and that their telephone numbers will never be sold, rented or abused.

4. Have a double opt-in mechanism, ask your subscriber to re-confirm whether they’d like to receive regular text messages. This reduces future opt outs and guarantees that people know what they have signed for.

5. Tell your subscribers that charges may a levied to receive your text messages where applicable. In some places both the send and receiver of messages are charged. It is important that subscribers know this.

6. Send SMS that meets your customers’ interests and needs. It is the only way you stay relevant and in the inner circle of your customer’s list.

7. Keep off from overtly informal messages. They sound stiff and at times scary.

8. Avoid phrases that can easily be misconstrued and misinterpreted as racists or sarcastic.

9. Avoid abbreviations that are not commonly used. This will depend on the demographics and area of residence of your clients. Some countries weight is commonly measured in pounds while in others it is kilograms.

10. Follow proper English writing rules. Use proper punctuation, spelling and names. Writing in all CAPS sounds like you are shouting at the recipient.

11. Put your offer at the beginning of the text. Don’t go round corners before you tell your clients that you would like them to come to your restaurant this coming Monday. And for that reason you’ve given them a coupon for $10.

12. Make you offer easy to understand. SMS marketing is about communication. And if your messages are ambiguous, your campaign will fail.

13. If you send out coupons show directions to your store. Do not assume everyone knows where you are found. Your diehard clients may also decide to forward messages to friends who have never heard of you and need to come to your store