All About SMS Marketing

SMS mobile marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing today. This highly read, cheaper form of advertising allows marketers to direct advertisements directly to key consumers. Ninety percent or more of all text messages are read. Very few marketing tools can claim to be this effective at reaching target audiences.

Mobile advertising is not just a tool for big business; utilization of this tool by small business is just as effective for producing return on investment. SMS mobile marketing is a much cheaper form of advertising then traditional marketing. The inexpensive nature of Mobile advertising makes it the perfect vehicle to deliver key short messages to the masses.

There are several beautiful things about SMS mobile marketing. The fact that it targets specific consumers translates directly into effective sales and increased revenue. Imagine a small café in an industrial business park. During the three hour lunch sales window, if this café launched a 150 SMS marketing messages every 30 minutes to different consumers offering them a coupon or a special price on lunch the sales of this café would increase. There may be other café’s in the area but the SMS messaging has placed this specific café in the minds of consumers and offered them a coupon. Bringing recognition and incentive together is one of the goals that SMS marketing companies do for businesses. Mixing recognition and incentive is yet another beautiful thing that is provided through mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising companies make SMS advertising easy and affordable. There are many different aspects to advertising through SMS. Taking advantage of the increased dependency that people have on their smart phones and their mobile lifestyle means better advertising opportunities for businesses.

Mobile advertising companies use mobile marketing in conjunction with email marketing campaigns. These two forms of mass marketing work well together. Analytic data which is collected through both SMS and Email marketing provides valuable information that help to streamline and increase effectiveness of future marketing campaigns. SMS marketing can be just as effective in driving consumers to websites. The use of the embedded link works well with smart phones by making it easy for consumers to respond to advertising. Where email may fail to get a response a follow up message through SMS can not only reach consumers but also direct them.