SMS Marketing Is Very Profitable for Certain Types of Retailers

There is a lot of talk today of SMS marketing and it seems to be the latest and greatest way to market your business. There are however, certain businesses that benefit much more than others, and the truth is that many businesses will not benefit using this service at all.

In essence, this is a technique to improve your sales and grow your company through text messaging. These are short and simple text messages that can be read quickly by a cell phone user almost any place they are. This is the strength and weakness of this type of marketing, consists of people who are mobile and a business sending the message can never be sure where they are.

This is why text messaging is best done by local businesses and those engaged in something the local consumer uses one or more times a week. A perfect example is a restaurant. This is a place that a customer will frequent and a local restaurant can send a text message indicating what the special of the day is or any discounts that are available that day. A person receiving the text message may decide to change his or her plans and go to the restaurant. Or perhaps they have not yet made plans and the message will influence them to come to the local restaurant.

If you are a restaurant owner, there are two things to keep in mind about using this type of marketing. The first is that just like sending emails to people, you do not want to spam cell phone users. This means that before you send anybody a text message, you want the person to opt in for the service. A restaurant can start with their own customer base and have them sign up for the service. You can always entice them with a special offer to sign up. They must also be given the option of having their number removed for the list whenever they want to.

The second thing to keep in mind is not to use this texting technique without purpose. Do not send customers a text unless you have a good reason to. Another words you are running a special or have important news. Too many text messages will result in the messages going unread.